Water Intake Station Repair

Project Description – A Water Intake Station had three steel pipes penetrating a concrete retaining wall. Exterior of the concrete wall is immersed in gray water. Pipes were leaking at the pipe to wall interface. Expansion and contraction by dissimilar materials resulted in leaks at the pipe to wall interface area. Presence of gray water in the work area of the intake Station was presenting health and safety hazard issues for employees.

Application – Sealing Leaking Seams at Water Intake Station

Industry – Water/Wastewater

Contractor – Creative Maintenance Solutions, LLC

Problem – Gray water leaking through a pipe to wall interface area was causing safety issues in the work area/basement of this station..

Solution – Prepare area and install a flexible, monolithic seal between the pipe and the wall using Belzona 3121 MR7 and associated Belzona 9331 MR7 Reinforcement Cloth.

Product Applied – Belzona 3121 MR7 and Belzona 9331 MR7 Reinforcement Cloth

Product Detail – Belzona 3121 MR7 is a two-component, flexible, emergency repair and weatherproofing system used for sealing all types of surfaces. 3121 is highly elastic, has excellent adhesion properties (bonding strongly to most substrate types), provides instant waterproofing capabilities, does not require a primer or conditioner, and provides long term repair protection. Belzona 3121 is used in conjunction with Belzona 9331 MR7 Reinforcement Cloth (a spun bonded polypropylene sheet).