Rebuild and Coat Concrete Wet Well

Project Description – This Sanitary Sewer concrete wet well was deteriorating due to hydrogen sulfide attack. In 1997, the Customer, using their own maintenance staff, resurfaced the Wet Well with Belzona 4141 Magma Build and coated it with Belzona 5811 Immersion Grade. The customer was looking for a cost effective, long term solution that could be applied by their own resources. This wet well system was recently inspected and remains in good operating condition.

Application - Rebuild and coat concrete Wet Well

Industry - Water/Wastewater

Contractor - Asset Owner

Problem – The uncoated concrete in customer Wet Well was under continuous attack from Hydrogen sulfide gases. The gas attack caused structural corrosion. Left unchecked, the sulfide gas attack would cause continued loss in structural integrity.

Solution - Prepare substrate. Rebuild concrete and re-establish structural integrity. Belzona 4141 Magma Build was used to rebuild wet well surface. Belzona 5811 Immersion Grade coating was applied to provide long term protection from hydrogen sulfide gas attack.

Product Applied - Belzona 4141 Magma Build (in conjunction with Belzona 4911 Magma TX Conditioner) and Belzona 5811 Immersion Grade.

Product Detail - Belzona 4141 Magma Build is a lightweight, high build repair system which can be applied up to 5” thick to vertical masonry surfaces and applied up to 3” thick to overhead masonry surfaces, without need form forming. Belzona 4141 does not absorb water (which means reinforcing steel is protected from corrosion), is solvent free, will not shrink and comes in colors of gray and stone. Belzona 4141 is used in conjunction with Belzona 4911 Magma TX Conditioner (which aids in sealing masonry surfaces prior to application of 4141 material).

Belzona 5811 Immersion Grade is a two-component, solvent-free coating system designed to provide protection to metallic and non-metallic surfaces, operating under immersion conditions in contact with aqueous solutions. 5811 is 100% solids, contains no VOC’s, is flexible, can be applied to virtually any surface type and is an outstanding long term coating solution.