Recycle Drum Repair & Coating Project

Project Description – Customer’s Recycle Drum was beginning to loose efficiency in operation.  Recycle Drum receives a mixture of paper stock and hot water.  This mixture is agitated in the Drum, causing the paper stock to break down, where it is transformed into a liquid slurry mixture.

Customer was facing a total machine replacement, which involved removal of the facility roof, removal of the damaged Recycle Drum via crane, installation of a new Recycle Drum via crane, and replacement of the roofing system.  The machine replacement and new roofing system was going to be costly.  Company revenues were going to be significantly affected due to loss of production downtime, estimated to be 30-60 days. 

Application - Recycle Drum Repair and Coating Project

Industry - Pulp and Paper

Contractor – Creative Maintenance Solutions, LLC

Problem - This Recycle Drum began to experience bi-metallic corrosion due to dissimilar metals at weld seams.  The corrosion at the weld seams was causing performance and efficiency issues for the Recycle Drum.

Solution - Blast substrate, rebuilt weld seams and damaged recycle drum box edges using Belzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal, coated entire drum with two (2) coats of Belzona 1321 Ceramic S-Metal.

Product AppliedBelzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal and Belzona 1321 Ceramic S-Metal

Product Detail - Belzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal is a two-component, epoxy based repair composite used to repair metal substrates and surfaces.  1311 is solvent free, has excellent chemical resistance, and will bond to most metal and other rigid surface.  Belzona 1311 will not corrode, shrink, expand or distort.


Belzona 1321 Ceramic S-Metal is a two-component, epoxy coating designed to protect metal surfaces from effects of erosion and corrosion.  1321 is solvent free, has outstanding chemical resistance, and will bond to almost any rigid surface.  1321 has a high compressive strength, is solvent free and will not shrink, expand or distort.  1321 is typically applied as a two (2) coat system in contrasting colors of Blue and Gray.