98% Sulfuric Acid Tank Repair & Coating

Project Description – Paper Mill customer’s 98% Sulfuric Acid Process tank developed a hole in the top and the tank was experiencing corrosion. 

Customer was facing a tank replacement, which was going to result in extended downtime, causing loss of revenue and unbudgeted capital costs associated with a new tank. With CMS, the solution was tank repair & coating.

Application – Repair and Coat 98% Sulfuric Acid Tank

Industry – Pulp and Paper

Contractor – Creative Maintenance Solutions, LLC

Problem – This uncoated, steel tank began to experience corrosion due to extended exposure to hot, 98% sulfuric acid.  The corrosion and hole that developed in the top of the tank resulted in additional damage to surrounding concrete containment area.  Tank became unusable, with customer removing it from service, thereby affecting production in this area of the mill.

Solution – Clean and prepare tank substrate, repair holed area by plate bonding methods using Belzona 4301 Magma CR-1 Hi-Build, coated tank with two (2) coats of Belzona 4311 Magma CR-1.

Product Applied – Belzona 4301 Magma CR-1 Hi-Build and Belzona 4311 Magma CR-1.

Product Detail Belzona 4301 Magma CR-1 Hi-Build is a two-component, paste grade, epoxy based metal and concrete repair composite used to repair surfaces damaged or exposed to a broad range of chemicals, especially acids and alkalis.  4301 is solvent free, has excellent chemical resistance, and will bond to most metal and other rigid surfaces.  Belzona 4301 will not corrode, shrink, expand or distort.

Belzona 4311 Magma CR-1 is a two-component, epoxy coating designed to provide long-term protection of concrete and metal surfaces from aggressive chemical attack, especially acids and alkalis.  4311 is solvent free, has outstanding chemical resistance, and will bond to almost any rigid surface.  4311 has a high compressive strength, is solvent free and will not shrink, expand or distort.  4311 is typically applied as a two (2) coat system in contrasting colors of Red and Gray.