Lumber Mill Grip Rollers

Project Description – Grip Rollers in Lumber Mill were worn and uncoated, causing inefficient transfer of lumber via system.

Customer was facing a roller replacement – lead time for new rollers from manufacturer was estimated to be 10-15 days.  Company revenues were going to be significantly affected due to loss of production downtime involved with roller availability and replacement timeframes. 

Application – Positive Grip System installed on each Roller

Industry – Pulp and Paper

Contractor – Creative Maintenance Solutions, LLC

Problem – Uncoated and worn lumber transfer rollers lack the required grip to transfer lumber quickly and efficiently.  This inefficiency affected the ability of transferring lumber from one part of the plant to another, which was affecting revenue and production levels.

Solution – Roller substrates were prepared and application of the Belzona Positive Grip System was completed, which improved the efficiency levels of the lumber transfer process in the mill.

Product Applied – Belzona 1321 Ceramic S-Metal and Belzona 9211 Suregrip Aggregate

Product DetailBelzona 1321 Ceramic S-Metal is a two-component, epoxy coating designed to protect metal surfaces from effects of erosion and corrosion.  1321 is solvent free, has outstanding chemical resistance, and will bond to almost any rigid surface.  1321 has a high compressive strength, is solvent free and will not shrink, expand or distort.  1321 is typically applied as a two (2) coat system in contrasting colors of Blue and Gray.

Belzona 9211 Suregrip Aggregate is a 20-40 mesh blend of fused White Aluminum Oxide aggregate.