Rebuild Pump Casing

Project Description – Damaged Pump Casing

During the first two (2) years of service, the volute of this main cooling water pump, operating in a coal-fired power plant, had worn through due to cavitation. A replacement casing was not immediately available to the customer. The plant maintenance staff and the Belzona Consultant formulated a method to repair the water pump. This involved adding all thread to hold the bottom section of the pump so it wouldn’t fall off. Expanded metal and Belzona 1311 R-Metal were used to fill the holes in the suction bell.

Application – Rebuild Pump Casing

Industry - Power : Cooling Tower

Contractor – Power Plant staff

Problem - The End Bell was worn nearly into two pieces. A replacement part was not readily available. The pump had to be back in service in days.

Solution – Re-establish structural integrity with all thread and expanded metal, then rebuild the area with Belzona 1311 R-Metal. Solution needed to last until the next scheduled outage (estimated to be 1 year from date of repair).

Product Applied - Belzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal

Product Detail – Ceramic 1311 R-Metal is a two-component material, designed specifically for rebuilding substrates experiencing erosion/corrosion damage. 1311 will not shrink, expand or distort during cure, bonds tenaciously to almost any surface (including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, alumina and basalt), is machinable, does not corrode, provides outstanding resistance to a broad range of chemicals (including inorganic acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, mineral oils, oxidizing agents, vegetables and fats, alcohols, aqueous solutions and emulsions), and offers superb resistance to abrasion and erosion.