Leaking Transformer

Project Description – The gaskets on this transformer were leaking oil, which then dripped onto the ground. Performing a conventional repair would have required the transformer to be removed from service during peak load season, creating a potential for power to be interrupted for several days. The alternative was to use Belzona 2221 MP Fluid Elastomer to repair the leak. The repair was completed after just a few hours on site, allowing the transformer to be turned immediately back on with minimal downtime. The unit has since been in service for 13 years with no further leakages.

Application - Protective Coating and Sealing

Industry - Power

Contractor – Power Plant personnel

Problem - Oil leaks can cause workplace hazards as well as environmental issues and operational problems with the transformer performance. Repair work could only be performed during peak load season which meant that the unit needed to be returned to service quickly.

Solution - Belzona 2221 MP Fluid Elastomer was selected to seal the area using molds to encapsulate the flanges. This meant the transformer could be fixed on site with no disassembly required.

Product Applied - Belzona 2911 QD Surface Conditioner and Belzona 2221 MP Fluid Elastomer.

Product Detail - Belzona 2911 QD Conditioner is a single component, quick drying substrate conditioner for use prior to application of Belzona 2000 elastomers.

Belzona 2221 MP Fluid Elastomer is a two-component fluid consistency elastomer designed for repairing horizontal expansion joints, resurfacing and casting applications. Belzona 2221 is solvent free, contains no VOC’s, provides excellent tear, impact and abrasion resistance, elongation to break up to 700% and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Belzona 2221 has the ability to expand and contract with the equipment while maintaining a tight bond with the substrate. This system has been used to fix numerous transformers over the years and this method has been proven to last for over a decade.


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