Heat Exchanger End Bell

Project Description – Rebuild and Coat Heat Exchanger End Bell

Application - Rebuild Division Bar and pitted areas in the steel End Bell and coat with protective coating.

Industry - Marine

Contractor -  IMS Technical Consultant and Shipyard Personnel

Problem -  End Bell of customers Heat Exchanger system was leaking and would not seal properly.  Division Bar and End Bell were severely pitted, which affected ability of system to seal.  Performance of Heat Exchanger system was  affected.

Solution - Media blast End Bell substrate to achieve SSPC SP-10 New White Metal profile. Remove any dust, dirt and debris.  Performed Bresle Chlorides test to determine presence of Chlorides.  Mixed and applied Belzona 1111 Super Metal to pitted areas and rebuilt the Division Bar.  During the overcoat window of Belzona 1111, we mixed and applied a base coat of Belzona 1341 Supermetalglide at 10-12 mils thick.  During overcoat window of base coat  Belzona 1341,  we mixed and applied a top coat of Belzona 1341 at 10-12 mils thick.

Product Applied - Belzona 1111, Belzona 1341

Project  Detail - Customer was looking for a cost effective and long term solution to issues with End Bell pitting. Customer believed only option available was to replace the Heat Exchanger or purchase a new End Bell Door and Division Bar. We offered a Belzona solution that  was cost effective, long term and the Belzona 1341 Supermetalglide coating helped improve system efficiency.  Downtime for repair and coating was minimal (2 days).

Belzona 1111 (Super Metal)
A 2-part repair composite for metal repair and resurfacing based on solvent free epoxy resin reinforced with silicon steel alloy. This repair material will not corrode and resists a wide range of chemicals. It is easy to mix and apply without the need of specialist tools and can be machined using conventional tools.

Belzona 1341 (SuperMetalGlide) - A 2-part epoxy coating designed to improve efficiency of pumps, pipes, valves and other fluid handling equipment while protecting them from the effects of erosion and corrosion. This high performance product is proven to reduce energy consumption, provide excellent chemical resistance and lower maintenance costs. Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide) improves pump efficiency by using hydrophobic technology to repel process fluids and reduce turbulent flow. Efficiency increases of up to 7% have been recorded on new equipment and up to 20% on refurbished equipment.







belzona-1341 end-bell-after