Industry Solutions


petrochemical-plant-maintenancePower plants are required to run at optimum performance and production levels.  Plant equipment faces erosion, corrosion, wear, and chemical attack on a daily basis.  Creative Maintenance Solutions performs an interactive site inspection with you to determine your specific maintenance needs and requirements. Creative Maintenance Solutions will evaluate and provide solutions designed to meet and/or exceed your expectations based upon what is valuable to you and your operation.  

Where we excel:  Shaft repairs, cooling towers, pump and pedestal repairs and coatings, ducting, insulation protection, chemical containment areas, tank repairs and coatings, chiller tube sheets and water box repairs and coatings, piping, drip pans.


wastewater-plant-maintenanceOperators of water and wastewater treatment facilities face numerous maintenance and repair issues dealing with erosion, corrosion, chemical and environmental attacks affecting plant performance and efficiency.

Creative Maintenance Solutions technical consultants excel at recommending a wide range of product and contracting solutions to reduce downtime and provide long-term repair without replacement solutions. We've got a proven track record that saves a substantial amount of time and money when it comes to wastewater facility maintenance.

Where we excel:  Manhole rebuilding and coatings, vault rebuilding and coatings, clarifier repairs and coatings, shaft repairs, pump and impeller repairs, leak repairs, concrete substrate repairs and coatings, chemical containment areas, expansion joints, protective coatings.

General Industry

general-industrial-maintenanceMaintenance has a major relevance to the business performance of most industries. We all know that when a machine stops due to a breakdown, a cost is incurred in varying degrees depending the breakdown's productivity. When an employee slips and falls on a damaged floor area a cost is incurred. When a leak in a roof occurs over a production line, the resulting damage has a cost. The costs for most maintenance items is relative to the associated fix – it is a time, material and labor related amount plus the cost of lost production. We assist plant and operations managers with their maintenance and repair solutions by interactively evaluating the issues and providing proven and successful solutions - in many cases implemented by the customer's plant personnel.

Where we excel: Pump repairs and coatings, shaft and component rebuilds, cooling tower repairs and coatings, secondary containment areas, roof repairs, conveyor belt repairs, tire repairs for heavy duty machinery, tank repairs and coatings, fan and compressor repairs, high temperature coatings, concrete substrate repairs, non-slip safety systems, hvac system repairs and coatings.


federal-municipal-goverment-maintenanceFederal, state and municipal government agencies have unique missions, run different systems and operate purchasing plans with diverse levels of vendor and contracting expertise requirements.  There are Federal and State Government supplier systems, Contractor Team Agreements, Blanket Purchase Agreements, and more.  Regardless of the programs and agreements, Government agencies have large volumes of facility and equipment maintenance requirements.  Creative Maintenance Solutions has proven and long term solutions, many of which have been documented and adopted as best practice specifications with the U.S. Navy,  U.S. Army, the U.S. Coast Guard and, more specifically, contracts in place with the State of Virginia Department of Corrections.  Our local technical consultants stand ready for work with your organizations to evaluate and define maintenance and repair solutions to meet and exceed your unique requirements. 

Where we excel: HVAC System repairs and coatings, equipment rebuild and coating solutions, floor repair and coating systems, wall repair and coating systems, overhead concrete repairs, pump rebuilds and coatings, tank repairs and coatings, roof leak repairs, pipe repairs and coatings, high temperature coatings, chemical containment repairs and coatings and anti-microbial coating systems.  


power-plant-maintenanceRegardless of the plant type (nuclear, fossil, hydro, or renewable), maintenance and repair activities must be prioritized to ensure that work performed results in a minimum impact to plant operation. Creative Maintenance Solutions has repair and maintenance solutions designed to solve routine and unexpected maintenance problems faced by plant managers, engineers, planners and maintenance personnel. Our solutions are crafted after conducting an extensive site inspection with you whereby we determine what factors are most important to achieve. Creative Maintenance Solutions will submit solutions designed to meet and/or exceed your expectations, which may be related to lowering repair costs, reducing downtime, improving safety, reducing maintenance costs, reducing inefficiencies, extending service life, or cost effective alternatives to equipment replacement. 

Where we excel:  Pulverizers, coal chutes and silos, circulating pumps, conveyor belt repairs, bag houses and duct work, leaky roofs, chemical containment areas, condenser tube sheets, concrete substrate repairs, safety non-slip systems, scrubbers, pump and pedestal repairs and coating, pipe coatings.

Pulp and Paper

paper-pulp-industrial-maintenanceImproving fixed assets productivity is the most powerful mechanism to improve shareholder return. Having assets operating at the highest level of overall efficiency with equipment operating at the lowest possible maintenance cost will allow paper and pulp plant operators to maximize their costs.  Creative Maintenance Solutions will work with you by performing a site specific inspection in order to best understand your maintenance and repair requirements. 

Where we excel: Primary and secondary fan pumps, journal rolls, positive grip systems, screw conveyors/augers, chipper discs, leak repairs, stock chest repairs and coatings, dryer cans, concrete substrate and pedestal repairs, pump repairs, safety non-slip systems, steam loss prevention, chemical containment areas, tank repairs and coatings, chine angles.


healthcare-medical-facility-maintenanceHealthcare facility managers must be prepared to throttle maintenance and repair activities up and down based upon the medical facility's budget and maintenance needs. Facility managers are frequently asked to come up with ways to avoid costs, reduce expenses, manage up-time, improve quality, decrease inefficiencies, avoid downtime, make expensive assets last longer, reduce safety exposures and more. Creative Maintenance Solutions is the right choice for healthcare facility managers. We review your maintenance and repair challenges, respond with solutions designed to meet and/or exceed your needs, and implement those solutions using either your in-house resources or by providing trained application resources. Our solutions, coupled with our QA/QC procedures and project application reports, makes us the answer to your repair and maintenance issues. 

Where we excel:  Transitional room thresholds, anti-microbial flooring systems, expansion joints, concrete substrate repairs, chiller repair and coatings, cooling tower repairs and coatings, overhead parking deck repairs, mechanical room flooring systems.

Facilities Maintenance

industrial-facility-maintenanceRegardless of its size, operating an industrial facility requires ongoing maintenance - a never-ending responsibility. Asset protection, recurring costs, time-consuming repairs, safety requirements, and efficiency enhancements are just a few of the items constantly on the mind of facility managers. Creative Maintenance Solutions has proven quick turn-around solid long-term solutions designed to solve facility maintenance issues for all types of companies. Creative Maintenance Solutions will work with you to evaluate your maintenance and repair issues and propose effective solutions designed to solve your issues and which meet your unique site requirements. We have a team of outstanding technical consultants available in your area ready to assist.

Where we excel:  Skylight and roof leak repairs, leaking cooling towers, leaking HVAC chillers, pipe leaks, waterproofing, shaft repairs, mechanical room floors, chemical containment areas, pump and pedestal repairs, leaking tanks, concrete substrate repairs (including stair nosings, floors, sidewalks, parking decks, thresholds, expansion joints).

HVAC Systems

commercial-hvac-maintenanceBuilding maintenance specialists are responsible for maintaining complex and expensive industrial/commercial HVAC equipment operating under demanding conditions.  Cooling towers and chiller units that are leaking are not only inefficient in operation, but leaks can also damage other building assets or cause safety related issues.  Creative Maintenance Solutions is well known for our outstanding cooling tower and chiller repair and coating solutions.  Our application crews are efficient and experienced at repairing a wide variety of manufactured and custom systems.   Our local technical consultants are available to meet with you to evaluate and document your HVAC system issues. Creative Maintenance Solutions can provide solutions designed to meet and exceed your specific requirement.  Our team provides you with a project application report at the conclusion of the project which documents repair activities provided for your HVAC equipment. 

Where we excel:  Shaft Repairs, Cooling Tower Leaks and Coatings, Pump Repairs and Coatings, Duct Coatings and Sealing, Tube Sheet Repairs and Coatings, Water Box Repairs and Coatings, Piping Repairs and Coatings, Drip Pan Repairs and Coatings.

Food and Beverage

foodservice-beverage-maintenanceFacility managers of foodservice and beverage facilities face unique facility maintenance challenges.  They must be aware of issues related to health code and USDA regulations, HVAC and duct cleaning, exhaust issues, temperature related issues, odor elimination, mold and fungus remediation and normal facility maintenance issues related to flooring systems, wall coating systems, roofing systems and more.  Our local technical consultants are experienced with consulting with food and beverage facility managers to discuss and evaluate your specific issues.  We have a wide variety of proven, long-term solutions designed to assist with cleanliness issues, mold and fungus remediation and control, HVAC systems maintenance, anti-microbial floor and surface coatings and solutions for normal facility maintenance. 

Where we excel:  Anti-microbial as well as low and high temperature coatings; roof and skylight repairs and sealants, NSF and USDA certified coatings, waterproofing and expansion joint solutions.

Oil and Gas



mining-equipment-maintenanceThere can be no denying that maintenance is a crucial part of any type of mining operation – big and small. Mining maintenance managers have responsibility for ensuring the availability of machinery, minimizing breakdowns, increasing productivity, decreasing inefficiencies, and remaining within their annual budgets. These managers have a go-to list of vendors and contractors who have proven solutions and abilities to assist, when an issue arises.  Creative Maintenance Solutions local technical consultants are available to evaluate your maintenance and repair issues and we have a suite of proven mine-related solutions designed to meet and/or exceed your requirements.

Where we excel – solids handling equipment restoration and protection, abrasion damage repair and protection, conveyor systems repair, fluid and gas handling equipment repair and protection, mechanical equipment repair and protection, facility maintenance solutions, chemical containment areas, tank and pump repair and protection, infrastructure protection.