Safety Program

A Contractor’s safety record is one of the most important factors for customers, when choosing an on-site contractor. Our safety record speaks for itself – We have a long-standing record of ZERO incidents or accidents. We are the safe and right choice for your on-site application contracting projects.

At Creative Maintenance Solutions, LLC, safety is first. We have developed and invested in a comprehensive safety awareness and prevention program. Safety requires a commitment from all personnel within an organization, and we are committed to ensuring that our personnel do not work in an environment that is unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to their health and safety. Our safety program is interactive and continuous. Our policy is to provide a safe work environment, and our ongoing goal is a completely accident-free workplace. Our safety and health training programs are based upon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, as well as other Federal and State-related reference materials.

Our "Safety is First" Program Involves:

  1. Membership in ISNETWORLD. We have been members since September of 2013. ISNETWORLD Contractor input requirements are comprehensive and extensive, helping us to maximize our “Safety is First” program and to reach our zero-accident goal.
  2. Continuous Safety Training – CMS Site Supervisors are OSHA 10 and/or OSHA 30 trained and certified. CMS Safety Lunch Box training sessions are held weekly, as are CMS Safety Meetings. All employees actively participate, ask questions, make suggestions, and refer to our written policies and procedures.
  3. CMS Safety Takes Planning (STP) Site Checklist and CMS Morning Job Site Checklist – These are mandatory morning checklists that are reviewed, checked, and signed by all CMS On-Site Personnel. These have been designed to provide our personnel with comprehensive safety awareness checklists in order to remind them…Safety is First.

Creative Maintenance Solutions, LLC has an outstanding safety record. We attribute our safety successes to our “Safety is First” commitment.