Air Handler Unit Repair







Project Description – A large air handling unit over the College library was leaking water.

Application - Repair to a  large air handling unit over college library using Belzona 3121 (MR7)

Contractor –  Creative Maintenance Solutions, LLC

Problem - A large air handling unit over college library was leaking water. The water leaked through cracks in the floor damaging books, carpeting  ceiling tile, etc.  

Solution -  CMS recommended coarse mechanical sanding and wire brushing the concrete to remove paint and roughen the concrete,  then used a good solvent wipe. We cut a hole in the concrete to form a sump. The hole was lined with Belzona 3121 MR7  to make the sump water tight. They covered every crack in the concrete with Belzona 3121 MR7 . They also applied it to the drip pans on the air handling unit. Leaking was stopped.

Product Applied - Belzona 3121 (MR7)

Product Detail – A 2-part polymer composite designed to provide emergency roof repair and weatherproofing for leaking roof areas. Belzona 3121 (MR7) is liquid applied and bonds strongly to all common roofing surfaces including slate roofs, tile roofs, asphalt, felt, asbestos cement sheet roofs and metal roofs, even during adverse weather conditions.

This fast curing, all climate flexible repair system incorporates a reinforcement sheet which ensures the coating will adapt to roof movements and follows complex roofing contours. This system is water resistant immediately after application and can cure even if fully immersed in water.