Cooling Tower Sump Repair

Project Description – #2 Cooling Tower Sump Repairl

Application -  Repair a crack in the sump outlet with Belzona 1111 Super Metal..

Industry - Healthcare/Medical

Contractor - Technical Consulting done by John Alexander and work performed by CMS crew.

Problem -  Customer had air that was getting into the system causing vacuum problems.

Solution - We mechanically prepared the surface where the crack was allowing air to get in to the sump outlet. We applied a coat of Belzona 1111 Super Metal, stippled the cloth and overlapped the crack.  Finished by brushing on a top layer ofBelzona 1111 Super Metal making sure we applied it to the  outside width of the cloth.

Product Applied - Belzona 1111 Super Metal

Product Detail: Belzona 1111 (Super Metal) is a 2-part repair composite for metal repair and resurfacing based on solvent free epoxy resin reinforced with silicon steel alloy. This repair material will not corrode and resists a wide range of chemicals. It is easy to mix and apply without the need of specialist tools and can be machined using conventional tools.




belzona-1111_before sump-outlet_before