Exterior Grain Silo Repair

Project Description – Repair leaks in exterior of Grain Silo at a Correctional Facility

Application - Repair and seal holes and lap joints in the sheet metal on the exterior of the grain silo.

Industry - Government – Corrections Facility

Contractor – CMS Technical Consultant in conjunction with facility inmates

Problem - The seam where two layers of sheet metal that overlapped, had a gap that was allowing water to permeate the Grain Silo. The permeating moisture was causing rust spots and premature failure of the outer layer.  This is a common problem for this Corrections facility and is a simple, cost effective and quick solution to an ongoing problem.

Solution - Cleaned and prepared surface using coarse sand paper. Removed dust, dirt and debris.  Mixed and applied Belzona 1212 to fill the gapped areas the seams with overlap on both sides.

Product AppliedBelzona 1212

Product Detail - A 2-part surface tolerant epoxy composite engineered specifically for in-situ application to wet, oil contaminated and underwater surfaces.

This multipurpose solvent free material exhibits rapid cure and excellent adhesion to manually prepared substrates, where grit blasting cannot be achieved. Belzona 1212 is easy to mix and apply without the need for specialist tools and is ideal for repair kits and emergency situations, ensuring fast back in service time.