Concrete Runway Repair







Project Description – Concrete Runway Repairs

Application - Repair to divots, spalls and cracks present in concrete runway.

IndustryFacilities Maintenance

Contractor –  IMS Technical Consultant and Navy contracted applicator

Problem - The concrete runway  has spalls, cracks and divots originating from runway use and effects of temperature and weather.  Customer requires a quick in-service solution, which will not shrink, corrode or distort and which can be applied in temperatures ranging from 41 to 106 Degrees F.  

Solution - Clean and mechanically prepare the concrete substrate for rebuilding, removing damaged and deteriorated concrete.  Remove dust, dirt and debris.  Condition the concrete by brushing on Belzona 4911 Magma TX Conditioner.  Rebuild the damaged areas with Belzona 4131 Magma Screed, applying via trowel and finishing smooth.  Allow material to cure as per instructions provided.

Product Applied - Belzona 4911 and Belzona 4131

Product Detail Belzona 4131 - A non-porous, 2-part epoxy repair composite designed for resurfacing and protecting large areas of concrete, stone and many other surfaces. This solvent free material provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and protection from impact and environmental attack.

Far stronger than concrete, Belzona 4131 (Magma-Screed) can be used as a repair material or to provide an extra strong top layer to existing concrete areas.  In addition, it meets the USDA requirements for incidental food contact as it offers a safe and hygienic surface.

This simple to apply material is easy to mix and can be applied by trowel without the need for specialist tools.