Concrete Containment Curbing

Project Description – Concrete Containment Curbing Repair

Application - Concrete Containment Curbing @ PVC Compounding Area

Industry - General Industry: Facility Maintenance

Contractor - In House / CMS

Problem - An area in a chemical containment curb/wall has become compromised over time.  CMS was retained to rebuild the damaged concrete curb in the PVC Compounding area.   Damaged area is 4'Long x 6" Wide x 4" Deep.

Solution - Remove loose and damaged concrete. Using mechanical methods prepare concrete to clean and roughen.  Vacuum away loose dust, dirt and debris.  Condition the existing concrete with Belzona 4911 Magma TX Conditioner, applying via stiff bristle brush.  Rebuild damaged area with Belzona 4181 AHR Magma Quartz, applying via trowel and finishing smooth.  Allow material to cure as per Manufacturer’s Instructions for use prior to returning area to service.

Product Applied

    1. Belzona 4181 Magma Quartz resins
    2. Belzona 4181 Magma Quartz
    3. Belzona 4911  TX Conditioner

Product Detail - The Belzona materials were chosen for their non-shrink properties coupled with their high strength, high adhesion, rapid cure, and chemical resistance properties.

Belzona 4181 - A 3-part epoxy repair composite designed for the repair, resurfacing and protection of concrete and stone subject to impact, abrasion, heat and chemical attack. This material provides outstanding acid and heat resistance and is ideally suited for horizontal surfaces, as well as vertical surfaces up to a thickness of 6mm (¼ inch.)              

Belzona 4181 (AHR Magma-Quartz) is a solvent free repair composite which is supplied as a base, solidifier and separate aggregate, that when combined forms a trowelable consistency to rebuild damaged surfaces.